Yangu (Cape Chestnut) Oil 1L


  • A popular product in African skincare routine, Yangu Oil is extremely stable and provides fantastic protection against UV rays and sun damage.
  • Its moisturizing capabilities can help soothe extremely dry skin as well as help to alleviate painful itching and inflammation associated with many skin ailments.
  • Thanks to its moisturizing effect, Yangu (Cape Chestnut) Oil prevents dehydration of the skin, causing the appearance of premature wrinkling, striations, cracks and dryness. When applied directly to the skin, Calodendrum Capense Seed Oil can penetrate the pores and cleanse the skin which results in it curing breakouts and keeping your skins moisture and oil levels balanced.
  • Yangu (Cape Chestnut) Oil is considered one of the best hair conditioner for damaged and dehydrated hair as it brings shine, silkiness, malleability and softness to hair. The antibacterial properties of Yangu Oil can help soothe inflammation and eliminate fungal infections on the scalp.
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